Children's Construction Wall Sticker Set

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Get creative with these Construction Wall Sticker Sets for children’s rooms! You can now decorate your budding builder’s bedroom or playroom with a wide range of large machinery vehicles including: a crane, a cement mixer, a digger, a dump truck and more.

Your kids will be more than happy with their fun looking bedrooms! Each sticker can be applied to any smooth surface such as walls, glass, ceramic tiles, home appliances and other surfaces where you would like them to go.

This sticker set is made from high quality, non-toxic PVC which is environmentally protected and waterproof.

How to Use:

Choose a smooth, clean, and dry surface. Peel a sticker from the sheet, one by one. Position the sticker on a plane surface without pressing it, so that you can reposition it again if needed. Once placed in your desired position, stick firmly to the surface and pressing any air bubbles outwards. If bubbles are present, take a needle/drawing pin to release the air. Repeat for the rest of your stickers.


  • Approx. 40.5cm x 3.5cm x 3cm (Packaged)
  • 45cm x 65cm (Stickers)